TX DUO Turnstile

TX DUO is a bidirectional access control turnstile that optimizes space usage and is easy to install, due to its dual configuration.

• Highly resistant both indoors and outdoors
• Broad base for soil fixing: reduces vibration of the equipment and protects the electronics
• Highly resistant steel tubes: the structure and arms ensures greater security against tampering and vandalism
• Total integration with access controllers
• Two rotating shafts with Digicon´s engine and controlling mechanism, known for robustness and high performance
• Treatment and finishing allow installation outdoors

• Bottom arms are rubberized for user impact protection
• Stainless steel arms where the user touches the turnstile
• Built-in light


The TX 1500 DUO is 226cm wide, 223cm high and 135cm deep, representing 25% space saving compared to the conventional turnstile.


• Column with card collector.
• Full Range Power Supply - 90 to 250VAC input, 12VDC/2A output - protection against short circuit.
• Pictogram orientation: green signal indicating passage allowed and red signal indicating passage blocked.
• Control board for easy integration with other access control technologies.