TX 1500 Technical Specifications


• Broad base for attachment to the ground, reducing equipment vibration and protecting the electronics.

• Arms in stainless steel at the point of contact.

• Secret-key for access to the mechanism and control boards.

• Safety lock on opening the top cover for maintenance.

• Two brackets for attaching electronic boards available in the top box.

• Supplied in separate modules for easy assembly and installation, reducing the dimensions of packaging and shipping costs

• Bi-directional rotation mechanism with three arms, with locking device powered by optical sensors and electro-magnet;

• Treatment based on electrophoresis and zinc and epoxy powder paint, added resistance to external environments.

• Highly resistant steel tubes: structure and arms ensure greater security against tampering and vandalism.



•  (HxWxD): 2250mm x 1500mm x 1320mm



• Column with card collector.

• Full Range Power Supply - 90 to 250VAC input, 12VDC/2A output - protection against short circuit.

• Pictogram orientation: green signal indicating passage allowed and red signal indicating passage blocked.

• Control board for easy integration with other access control technologies.