Traffic Vision II Software

Developed by Digicon to monitor and manage traffic control equipment in real time. Traffic Vision II, used in conjunction with the Digicon Traffic Controllers, provides a complete solution to optimize the flow of vehicles and organize traffic in your city.

• Speed, agility, efficiency, safety and practicality.

• Greatly simplified graphical environment, which is operated on the PC platform and the Windows operating system.

Increased security

• It features hierarchical levels of operators, with personal password access;

• Protection against inconsistent data entry.

Complete Solution

• Allows interconnection of up to 480 traffic controllers, 16 networks with 30 devices each,

• Monitoring of failures, clock and operating status of the controllers (mode, plan, stage);

• Allows monitoring of vehicle detectors generating graphs and reports of the traffic situation (counting and occupation).

Easy to use

• It uses the concept of traffic sub-areas: the division of tax regions in up to 30 logical arrangements.

• Provides change of plans and schedules through the operator, transmitting and receiving information from the schedules of controllers in real-time;

• Quick and easy installation with use of only one data line (LPCD) to each network controller.

Simplified operation

• RS-485 network connection standard.

• Simple operation via PC with Windows operating system in a graphical environment.

• Automatically generates reports of all system operations, including failures, changes, schedules, operators exchange and others.