Pescar Project

Digicon Unit of the Pescar Project


Projeto Pescar – or “Fishing Project” – provides young people from low-income backgrounds with an opportunity to enter the job market. To do so, companies that believe in the idea invest and organize training programs for these youngsters. As part of this effort, the Digicon Group has set up the Digicon Unit of the Pescar Project, which introduces students to all the sectors that make up an organization. This is a win-win initiative as it benefits society as a whole, the market and, most importantly, the students themselves, since they find a new meaning for their lives and professional future. One of the main strengths of this project is that it provides students with a sense of active citizenship. Above all, graduates from the Digicon Unit of the Pescar Project become aware of their rights and duties as full members of society.

Pescar Project

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for one day. Teach someone to fish and they feed themselves for a lifetime.”

Projeto Pescar began in 1975 in a pioneering initiative by Geraldo Tollens Linck, when he invited a small group of low-income adolescents to take part in a program to train assistant mechanics. The success of the initiative was such that other businesspeople opened their own schools and a foundation was created – Fundação Projeto Pescar. The project arose from the need to encourage and assist these new schools, by promoting the exchange of experiences and by making new opportunities known. Today, the project has become a huge social network. The Digicon Group has also set up its own school – the Digicon Unit of the Pescar Project – because it believes in the social and humanitarian character of Linck’s initiative. In addition, Digicon is aware of the growing market needs for more skilled professionals, which means that at least basic training is required for candidates to be able to seize these opportunities.