MCA Line

MCA technology consists of a powerful and versatile control board, with a choice of system integration and access control software. It is present in all Catrax line turnstiles, known worldwide for its design, robustness and ease of integration into access projects.

• It is guaranteed in accordance with the requirements and controls of ISO 9001:2000 (Certification achieved for more than ten years).

• Ensures easy installation of turnstiles: just plug in the power supply and download the application. This way you can focus on the application.


A powerful technology

MCA technology is based on the innovative use of a powerful and fast microprocessor combined with a Linux operating system specially developed for access control applications.

This combination provides resources to meet the varied applications of access control and facility control.

The solution allows the activation of devices, sensing, time control, visual and audio signals, reading various technologies for contact or contactless cards, biometric technologies and multiple communication interfaces with other devices.

Tried and tested technology

The MCA has its roots in onboard electronic applications. Terminals using MCA technology are in operation in the collective transport of several cities throughout Brazil.

The demanding conditions of this application, with high numbers of users in physically and electronically aggressive environments, confirm the stability, robustness and agility of the MCA solution.

This historical background, together with a large storage capacity and processing speed, has made ​​this product a natural candidate for the segment of access control.

A technology for your application

The access control market is very dynamic and has a range of technical and commercial solutions for all segments.

The MCA product family adds robustness and functionality, while maintaining the developmental independence of software solution providers.

A rigorous program of training and accreditation of software companies ensures that solutions that use the MCA family of products are implemented quickly and efficiently.