Controllers - CD 300 Line

The CD-300 - Vanguard Line has several features for complex demands.


• Quick connecting terminals to the traffic lights (no screws).

• Independent circuit breaker for the outlet.

• DR Breaker (Differential Residual).

• Easy to handle frontal power wiring.

• Full range power supply (80Vac to 240Vac) without voltage selector.

• Over voltage Protection (DPS) of 40KA.

• Easy maintenance with plug in insertion and removal of modules.

• Mechanism to facilitate the removal of modules (lever system).

• Communication modules with RS485 and RS232, GSM / GPRS.

• Easily removabl rack modules.

• DIN 35 Rail for installation of other equipment.

Technical Features

• Pedestrian drive, parallel for each phase.

• Removable memory card (Flash card) with configurable parameters.

• Gradual connection to the traffic light, with timer.

• Vehicle detector with 8 to 16 loops, with counting and sorting.

• Communication modules with RS485 and RS232, GSM / GPRS.

• Monitoring of all the traffic lights (green, yellow and red).

• Power multifunction modules with the possibility of an AC outlet, 12V or transistor logic signal.

• Conflict of greens independent monitor.

• Programmer (portable or embedded) with backlit display and alpha numeric keyboard with special functions.

• Communication protocol with the SCATS systems (Real Time).

• Sensors allow the possibility of identifying consumption and number of burnout bulbs in all colors (green, yellow and red).

• Sync clock via GPS (Global Positioning System) wireless.