Controllers - CD 200 Line

Designed for cities with heavy traffic, the CD 200 line has the resources to meet the demands of complex junctions, with Plug-in modules that do not require the use of tools and facilitate maintenance.

Complete Solution

• Secondary Ring - allows programming of four controllers on the same equipment within the same cycle and independent times. This feature facilitates the programming of "green waves" at intersections.

• Terminals with 8 and 16 phases;

• Allows exchange of plans through a table with 64 time positions, of which 15 are schedules for special dates (holidays and / or events)

• Enables communication with up to 30 network controllers for remote programming and clock synchronization. It can be connected to the Traffic Management Center (TrafficVision II)

• It can perform the operation with up to 4 pedestrian detectors and up to 8 vehicle detectors;

• Programming of up to 15 traffic plans (and additionally intermittently or off modes) to meet the diverse demands of vehicle flows

• Allows connection of vehicular and pedestrian focus in the same phases obeying their color sequences, saving resources and capacity (parallel pedestrian)

Modularity - flexibility for ease of maintenance

• Fully modular, allowing configuration of the equipment resources, adapting to the reality of the intersections;

• Modules with fittings (plug-in) - no tools for assembly and disassembly, making maintenance much easier.

Easy operation and visualization

• Programmer built into the equipment, facilitating access to programming functions via keypad and alphanumeric display with backlight, increasing its useful life;

• Facilities Panel - Lamp Breaker, flashing key, plug connector for operation, on / off switch and auxiliary jack for easy maintenance;

• spring-loaded terminals for connection of the phases, providing greater speed and ease of installation and maintenance.

Safety and security

• Lock with key - the key is only removed with the door closed;

• Overvoltage protection, overcurrent and communication network, increasing service life and reducing equipment failures.

Monitoring and management

• Self-diagnosis of faults, allowing easy identification of possible problems. It features "auto-reset" for non-permanent failures and record of the last events by date and time;

• Monitoring of red lamps - detects burnout bulbs, activating the flashing mode or signaling failure, ensuring safety at the intersection;

• Monitoring green bulbs - performs monitoring of conflicting green phases

Other important features

• Operates between 110 and 240 VAC (+ / - 20%) through voltage selector switch;

• Aluminum terminal with Yale-type locks, with clamps for attachment to columns and support for cable outputs;

• Coated with epoxy powder (anti-corrosion);


CD 200 - 8F (HxWxD): 649mm X 285mm X 342mm.

CD 200 - 16F(HxWxD): 649mm X 400mm X 370mm