Real-time Traffic Control Software - SCATS

Scats (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System)

SCATS is a practical and smart real-time system for the control of urban traffic. It was developed by Tyco and RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) in Sydney, Australia.

Adopted in over 100 cities in more than 20,000 intersections.

In Brazil

Digicon has integrated the SCATS system to its CD200 controllers and to the CD300 - Vanguard controllers, in order to offer the Brazilian market the best cost-benefit traffic control solution.


Scats uses an adaptive approach in real-time urban traffic control, measuring current traffic conditions and then making adjustments:

• Cycle Length (complete semaphore cycle),

• Splits (time duration of the greens) and

• Off Set (to ensure synchronization between the lights, the familiar "green wave").

The real-time response ensures the most appropriate and secure conditions for the phases of the traffic signal at intersections.


It does not require daily operator intervention. Operators have instant access to traffic flow information, system status and faults to the level of a single lamp. Scats® adapts to the demands of traffic flow evolution.

Traffic Management Center:

The operations team is responsible for monitoring the overall system. They observe the flow of traffic using scats and in exceptional circumstances can manually override the operation of traffic signals.


Any language can be used in the main user interface.