CCA 1020 Micro

CCA 1020 Micro

CCA 1020 Micro is the most compact Digicon turnstile. With reduced dimensions, this equipment was developed specifically to meet the minibus segment used in public transport.

The CCA 1020 Micro has an electronic module that can be integrated into a ticketing system - when coupled with a validator. Efficient, durable, cost-effective, it meets safety, quality and reliability requirements.


Buses and minibuses, which can be integrated into a ticketing system.

Power Supply

• 12 Vdc Power - battery bus.


• Steel structure, made ​​of carbon steel with electrostatic powder coating.
• Stainless steel arms.

Low maintenance components

• Excellent performance. Passage control with optical sensor prevents wear and extends equipment life. The electromagnet activated locks drastically reduce maintenance indexes.

Accurate count

• 5-digit mechanical counter to count the passengers.

Smooth operation

• The shaft with two automotive bearings ensures smooth movement of the turnstile (reducing wear).

Certified manufacturing

• CNC manufacturing process, certified by ISO 9001-2000.

Easily integrated

• Easy integration with other access control technologies, ensuring cost optimization and agility in the process.

Easily mounted

• There are 4 screws at the base.


• Point for the installation of a seal to prevent access to the internal part of the equipment by unauthorized persons.