Traffic controllers in the city of São Paulo

The SPTRANS (São Paulo´s Municipal Transportation Secretary) magazine ran a story about the Via Free project. The program aims to streamline traffic on major corridors, reducing the travel time of buses.

Digicon participated in this operation with the technology of CD 200 Traffic Controllers. There are approximately 130 pieces of equipment used by the City of Sao Paulo. With the help of controllers, the results have been impressive, with a decrease in travel time of buses up to 28%. Once the project is fully implemented, the expectation is that the average speed of collective transport increases from 18.5 km/h to 23.7 km/h.
Source: Journal SPTrans

City of São Paulo-SP


Cutting-edge technology for traffic lights: SCATS in Belo Horizonte

The city of Belo Horizonte signed a contract with Digicon, a technology solutions company based in Gravataí (RS), for the provision of intelligent systems for traffic lights at 26 intersections along Avenida Antonio Carlos, one of the capital´s main roads.

How it works:

The system will allow the implementation of traffic control, according to the number of vehicles passing the site. "As the traffic flow decreases or increases, the system determines the light change automatically," explains Hélgio Trindade Filho, product manager. The goal is to help reduce congestion on one of the busiest roads in BH. The contract value is set at US$ 800,000.


Smart card insurance: Digicon chooses Multos as a platform

Multos is the market leader in security and high performance solutions

Transit market in Brazil:
Public transport in Brazil is well known for its infrastructure and for the reliable use of contactless cards. Digicon, a Brazilian company based in the south, has been providing solutions for this market throughout the country since 1996. With expertise in high-precision measurement systems and aerospace component systems, Digicon brings innovation to its products. It clients include government institutions and transport operators.

At the heart of these high security systems is a small device called SAM (Secure Access Module) - a secure smart card with specific functionality that is responsible for interfacing with the card holder's transit smart card. SAM has several critical system functions, such as storing encryption keys, and executes the algorithms for each transaction. Digicon chose Multos as its platform for SAM smart card devices due to its position as a market leader in security solutions and high performance.


Parking meters in operation

From 45 to 50 parking meters are installed in 19 streets in the center of Jaraguá do Sul, managing around 900 parking spaces. Of these, 5% will be for the elderly and 3% for the disabled. The parking meters accept payment with coins or parking cards sold by the company. The card is rechargeable and can be topped up at the meter.


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