Electronic ticketing system in São Vicente, SP

Public transport gets tickets and electronic GPS monitoring

As of March 14, the fleet of 367 vehicles for municipal public transport in São Vicente will begin to use the GPS electronic ticketing system. Considered the regulatory framework of the transport system of the City, which was implemented 14 years ago, these steps are critical to the system.

These and other details related to system innovations were released early on Friday (25) during the conference of the Municipality of São Vicente. By April, the entire fleet will have the cards.


Slide 500 in São Paulo´s "Linha 4" Subway Line

Digicon installs ticketing system in Linha 4


Digicon is completing the first implementation phase of the Passenger Control System (SCAP) in the "Linha 4" subway of Sao Paulo. The system is already operating in Paulista and Faria Lima stations. By the end of the first quarter, it will be the turn of Pinheiros and Butantã stations. To follow, República and Estação da Luz are expected to be integrated. The second phase of implementation will include five more stations (Higienopolis-Mackenzie, Oscar Freire, Fradique Coutinho, Sao Paulo, Morumbi and Vila Sonia). Digicon won the bid of about US$ 15 million to develop and deploy the Passenger Control System for the entire Linha 4 by 2013.

Sliding door turnstiles are being installed along this line, which run automatically and replace the traditional turnstiles. Each turnstile is composed of a set of electronic systems which detect the speed of movement of the person to make the door open at the right time. This feature inhibits attempted fraud. In all, 112 blocks will be installed in all the Yellow Line stations. Systems for access control to restricted areas will also be provided.


Parking meters in Carapicuíba - SP

In order to provide parking for those who consume in the shops in the central region, the City will establish rotational parking as of next month.

In order to organize the use of public streets for parking, the City of Carapicuiba, through the Department of Transport and Traffic, will establish a new parking system, popularly known as the Blue Zone. The installation of twenty-four parking meters is being conducted, and, according to the schedule, will come into operation by December 1.


Turnstiles at the Headquarters of FIERGS

Digicon turnstiles have been chosen for the headquarters of FIERGS (Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul). Clip and Plus models provide quiet access to hundreds of people every day with accessibility features and security.


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