BDV-200 Smart Button

The smart button has been specially developed by Digicon to provide users with safe, fast and efficient passage through city streets.

• Facilitates the crossing of blind pedestrians and guides students crossing in front of schools.

• It can be used with audible signals: warning the pedestrians when the signal is in the green phase.

• Equipping traffic lights from urban centers and schools with this device is a sign of modernity and especially active citizenship.

Normal mode

• When the BDV-200 pushbutton is pressed for less than 3 seconds, it sends a request to the Traffic Controller for the pedestrian green light to be activated, without the sound signal.

Sound mode

•  To activate the sound, the pushbutton must be pressed for over 3 seconds.

•  A continuous beep is then issued for the visually impaired, warning that permission was requested for crossing. When the pedestrian signal turns green, the beep becomes intermittent. Near the end of the crossing time, the intermittence of the signal increases.

Technical Features

• Available colors: yellow and black.

• Compatible with all Digicon traffic controllers.

• Sonic pulse frequency of 1 Hz in green and 2Hz in flashing red.

• Cast aluminum terminal.

• Intensity of sound up to 80dB.

• Operates on 110 to 240 VAC.

• Minimum programming for flashing red of 5 seconds.


(HxWxD): 210mm x 110mm x 110mm.

Weight: 3 kg.