Parking Meter Cases

Parquímetros em Botucatu

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Zona Azul em Arcoverde-PE

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Parquímetro em Piracicaba

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Digital Blue Zone in Piracicaba

The city of Piracicaba, São Paulo, relies on Digicon´s electronic parking meter ticketing system. In this first phase, there are 3,399 parking spaces, with 2,885 of these in the city center.


 With the establishment of the Digital Blue Zone (ZAD), Piracicaba has entered the ranks of the most modern cities in the world with regards to the control of parking spaces on public roads. In addition to modernizing the current system of control of the Blue Zone, ZAD is an instrument of urban mobility, democratizing the occupation of public roads and parking spaces, while also stimulating turnover.

The initial ZAD project in Piracicaba was for the implementation of electronic parking meters to operate 2,501 parking spaces downtown. The system also includes more than 32 spaces for the elderly (mandatory use of ticket) and 66 parking spaces for the disabled (exempt from payment of fee). There will also be 34 spaces for short stays, called the White Zone. People can use these parking spaces for up to 15 minutes. The project also organizes exclusive parking spaces for motorcycles (a total of 636 spaces).

ZAD operates from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6:30 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Aimed at stimulating the turnover of parking spaces - and thus, democratizing their occupation - the maximum period of parking is 2 hours.


Street Parking Meter in Mauá - Brazil

The Digital Blue Zone in Mauá has come into effect. The goal is to facilitate the lives of shoppers in the central region of the city, by stimulating parking turnover. Digicon was the company selected to provide the parking meters. 108 pieces of equipment control 2.952 parking spaces. Digicon´s Street Parking Meter is the first 100% Brazilian solution. Besides the city of Mauá, another 12 cities in São Paulo have introduced Digicon´s solutions for urban parking.


Parking Meters in Jaraguá

System starts up in 20 days and drivers will have 30 days to clarify doubts

Fifty-two electronic parking meters are already installed in the center of Jaraguá do Sul. The system should begin to operate in 20 days, but the first 30 days will serve to guide drivers. 52 monitors will assist drivers on the use of the equipment. After this period, the system will begin to charge for the occupation of parking spaces.

According to Moacir D'Alessandri, the manager of Time Park – which runs the parking system –, the work of implementing the system was on schedule.

As time has helped us, we managed to complete the installation of equipment in the streets.

Moacir reported that there was a delay to the start of the campaign because the positions for guidance monitors had not been filled. He said the preference is to hire residents of Jaraguá do Sul. Yesterday morning, he began training the 18 first candidates.

“The monitors will not only review but will also answer drivers’ questions”, explains the manager.

The City's transit coordinator, Jose Antonio Schmitt, says that the establishment of rotational parking was a request from the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL) and the population.

“Very often, people avoided going to the city center for fear of not finding a place to park” he says.

TThe electronic equipment will be operated by the driver, without interference from a company employee. However, monitors will carry a portable device to charge for the space if the driver has parked far away from the parking meter. This equipment also has the ability to photograph the vehicle that is irregular. Thus, the inspector will have proof that the driver did not comply with the system.

Rotational parking will operate from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.


Parking meters in operation

From 45 to 50 parking meters are installed in 19 streets in the center of Jaraguá do Sul, managing around 900 parking spaces. Of these, 5% will be for the elderly and 3% for the disabled. The parking meters accept payment with coins or parking cards sold by the company. The card is rechargeable and can be topped up at the meter.


Parking meters in Carapicuíba - SP

In order to provide parking for those who consume in the shops in the central region, the City will establish rotational parking as of next month.

In order to organize the use of public streets for parking, the City of Carapicuiba, through the Department of Transport and Traffic, will establish a new parking system, popularly known as the Blue Zone. The installation of twenty-four parking meters is being conducted, and, according to the schedule, will come into operation by December 1.