Electronic Ticketing System

Designed to facilitate the management of public transport systems, it allows for intelligent planning of urban center mobility needs.

Present in dozens of cities in Brazil, Digicon is recognized for the technology, quality and customization of its solutions. Projects like Single ticket in SP, the Metro Ticketing System in Rio de Janeiro and SCAP's Metro Line 4 SP are examples of this recognition.

Digicon began working with ticketing systems in 1996. Initially the activities were restricted to the provision of equipment but before long the company also began developing the software needed to implement a complete electronic ticketing system.

Integrated Solution


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Benefits for everyone:

For the user
Reduced circulation of money on the bus;
Possibility of integration with other modes of transportation such as subways, trains and ferries

For bus companies
User loyalty, as the travel credit can only be topped up at accredited points and on vehicles used by the network;
Provides data and reports, allowing for better process control and minimizing evasion of revenue.

For the Public Manager
Greater efficiency for the Transport System Operational Planning, by automating the collection of information.