dClock equipment is an electronic attendance registrator, that can print the receipts, according to brazilian regulatory standards (issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment - MTE). dClock has large storage capacity, reliability, speed and ease of operation. Digicon has used its infrastructure and mixed its experience in access control equipment and fiscal printers approved by tax authorities, creating a high-tech equipment.


In all the areas where it operates, Digicon is recognized for innovating with quality. The dClock is the result of 6 years of own technology development, which began with DigiREP, a pioneer in Electronic Attendance Registration.


Lightweight and sturdy enclosure, numbered seals, tamper detection and printer with key are some of the security features of dClock, according to brazilian regularoty standards (MTE and INMETRO)..


Color touchscreen display with interface developed by Digicon, autonomy of approximately 7,140 tickets, print speed and working memory for 50,000 employees.


Maximum availability is to have a network of services throughout the national territory and a large network of resellers and authorized service channels. The Digicon Group has 22 own branches with coverage in more than 2,300 cities

1. Identification Board

2. Touchscreen Display 4.3”

3. Two USB 2.0 ports0

4. Reader (optional)

5. Bar Code Reader (optional)

6. Biometric Reader (optional)

7. Printer

8. ITR Button: Issuing the Instantaneous Tag Ratio

9. I Button: Public Key and Software Identifiers Print