MCA Turnstiles

Digicon turnstiles are known worldwide for their design, robustness and ease of integration into access projects. MCA Solutions, with boards and peripherals, are installed at the Digicon factory, ensuring compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, granted to Digicon over 10 years ago. When the turnstile is delivered, just plug it in and download the application. This way you can concentrate on the application.

It is the best pedestal turnstile solution on the market, thanks to its versatility, its design and especially to its integrated use of various user identification technologies.
• Pictograms indicate access permission
• Safe, display, keyboard and reader

The MCA Master version is the best choice for environments with high flow of people or environments with more space, requiring a higher volume and better product presentation. It has wide range of configurations and extras.
• 2 readers integrated into the product

With MCAclip access control is even more efficient because device locking and release is based on user identification. Ideal for people with special needs or people carrying packages, who cannot use the normal turnstiles.


The TX Lite Turnstile also uses MCA technology. The TXlite is applied to high-flow environments where security is a necessity and not just a wish. 200kg of reinforced welded steel to create a rigid and robust frame. The surface treatment is designed for outdoor use.

The MCAfit has a MCAnet simply and intelligently integrated into the turnstile. This model is only available a in black epoxy powder coating and has no safe collector.
• TCP / IP communication
• You can use biometric solution, proximity, Mifare or barcode.
• Pictogram, keyboard, display and beep.