Catrax Show Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

• Epoxy powder painted in black with details in thecolumns;

• 3 arms bidirectional mechanism with safety device: drop-arm system;

• Locking system using two electro-magnets ;

• Rotating system monitored by two optical sensors;

• Electronic counter with 5 digit , battery-powered;

• Top cover in steel with 2x16 character "big number" display, acrylic support to install a proximity reader or Mifare;

• Pictogram of operation;

• Key to open the top cover ;

• Allows for integration with the client's access controller;

• Full range power supply ( 90-240 VAC input );

• Pictograms lateral guidance;

• Material with metalon structure and sheet aluminum;

• Two sets of fwheels (front and rear) for drive;

• Quick connection with the base of the turnstile;

• Bidirectional doors with opening to the outside.


Alternative Readers

• Slotted barcode reader for badges;

• Barcode reader with multibeam code - ticket proximity;

• 2D code reader (two-dimensional;

• Wiegand proximity reader / Abatrack - HID / Indala / Acura.

Other Options

• Nobreak - integrated with a range of up to 4 hours;

• Printer - thermal printing speed to issue vouchers for admission;

• Controller card for access model MCA - TCP / IP;

• Collector Card Safe.