Parking Meter Technical Specifications


• Fully modular solution for customers seeking cost-benefit.

• Its design uses the most modern electronic and mechanical features, allowing the incorporation of features according to customer needs.


1. Solar panel
2. Collector urn for notifications
3. User friendly interface with big number backlit display and colored buttons
4. Thermal printer for ticket issue [Payment of notifications via barcode reader (optional)]
5. Capacitive keyboard - dKey
6. Terminal for payment by debit / credit
7. Rechargeable cards reader (smart cards)
8. Coin acceptor
9. Interface buttons
10. Return coins
11. Bill acceptor for payment and card recharge (optional)

Other features

• Storage of all transactions.
•  Configuration reports, event logs, current and former revenue collection reports.
•  Sending and receiving data via portable collector through infrared (IR) communication or online via GSM / GPRS wireless.
•  Allows the generation of data in standard format, for comprehensive operation management.
•  Sensors on the main doors and safe, preventing normal operation when any of these are open.
•  Smart card formatter system, which manages the Red List of blocked cards (lost or stolen).
•  Software that allows full configuration of the parking system.
•  Keyboard for data entry: Vehicle license / Parking Number (Optional).


Overall Height: 1813mm
Panel width: 403mm
Total depth: 446mm