Catrax Go

The new CatraxGo line combines technology and innovation, following the design of the dGate and dFlow lines. Highlighted by the use of a motorized mechanisms, the turnstiles have a non-impact turning, providing a smooth, comfortable and silent passage. CatraxGo features standard anti-panic device and automatic arm reset (Uno and Duo). The equipment meets all the security requirements of the global access control market.

• Version with three arms, smooth passage and total safety through anti-panic device and automatic reset. It is mounted with the dPower motor mechanism abd has orientation pictograms in high brightness RGB LEDs.

• Version with double dPower motor mechanisms in a single column, saving space, resources and infrastructure, besides diminishing the need of maintenance with the same comfort of the CatraxGo One version.

• Version using smooth automatic arm movement, offering all security to the user. In case of emergency, the pass becomes free to users.