Slide Line

Sliding Door Turnstile

Digicon proudly presents the Slide 500 and Slide 900 turnstiles, developed for billing solutions designed for ticketing solutions in subways and environments with high circulation. Tempered glass sliding doors provide safety and convenience to users and more control for your system.

Main Features:
Slide 500 (Standard) and Slide 900 (Accessibility) Turnstiles


• 12mm thick tempered glass
• Height of the glass block: up to 1.80 m from the ground
• Stainless steel finish
• 12 points of chemical fixation on the ground
• 16 sensors to control passages
• Programmable motor speed
• Special safety sensors prevent accidents
• Quiet, maintenance-free motor, delivering high-performance
• Direction of passage unidirectional or bidirectional

Technical Specifications:

1. Tempered glass sliding doors with motorized drive
2. User interface: graphical display and LED indicators
3. Integration with smart card validator
4. Integration with Edmonson validator
5. Pictograms with high-brightness LEDs
6. Ease of maintenance: top and side doors with keys
7. Brushed stainless steel cabinet