Integrated Ticketing Solutions

Through the Integrated Ticketing Solution (ITS) Digicon provides benefits for all parties involved, with equipment, security solutions (cryptographic card and SAM), software and infrastructure to suit the needs of the transportation systems of cities where it operates. See how the Solution operates:




Web software solutions are fully customized according to customer needs. Sales Systems, card top-ups and credit distribution with fully encrypted security (SAM). Software fully developed and integrated by Digicon, by a highly qualified team with expertise in large, medium and small systems.

Perto has two solutions for integration with this system.

ATM: for card dispensing and top-ups.

PertOS (POS): for card top-ups.



• Development of ticketing equipment initiated in 1995

• The first installation of equipment in the Cachoeirinha bus terminal in Sao Paulo, in 1996

• Currently present in small, medium and large cities, including two capitals (São Paulo and Campo Grande), with 14 installed systems

• More than 8,000,000 cards in operation

Most relevant features of the system

• Online and offline distribution

• On-board top-up

• Radio communication

• Inter-modal and inter-company clearing

• Robust security system

• Temporal and modal integration

• Works with any manufacturer of any electronic turnstile

Innovations in Ticketing

AVL - location based positioning system for buses

Integration with other ticketing systems and transport modes