Versatile equipment for access control in industries, schools, hospitals, condominiums and other environments. It uses technologies such as biometric fingerprint reader, touch pad and barcode.

• Easily installed and configured
• It works via network or isolated
• Allows connection of USB key and PoE

Readers Options

• Biometrics Fingerprint
• Barcode *

MCA fit

MCAfit has a MCAnet simply and intelligently integrated into the turnstile. This model is only available in a black epoxy powder coating and has no card collector. These settings should be used with Catrax plus.


•  TCP/IP Communication
•  You can use biometric solutionsor bars.
• Pictogram, keyboard, display and beep.
•  Control of the turnstile


Keyboard accessible through touch: capacitive technology that allows us to offer a resistant keyboard, free of mechanical wear.


The data is transferred or removed from the database of the parent MCAnet through a USB flash drive. It facilitates offline applications where there is no network communication available.

Easily installed

It offers convenience and economy in installation. MCAnet´s design allows installation in standard electrical boxes 2"x4", with a steel support to hold the equipment on the wall.


For more aggressive environments: front panel, frame type, made of brushed stainless steel, which uses a secret-key lock. Greater protection for MCAnet.

Biometric reader

With a simple touch you can open doors: biometrics ensures identification accuracy and ensures security in recognition of the user. The biometric fingerprint reader with optical technology allows you to include 1,000 templates (500 users), 6,000 templates (3,000 users) or 10,000 templates (5,000 users). Identification System 1:1 or 1: N.


Graphic display allows text and images to be viewed. It offers a simpler interface, with step-by-step operations. The display offers high contrast viewing and night lighting.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

TCP/IP communication 10/100 Mbps native: ensures high efficiency and performance of communication online systems. The product offers the option of PoE power over ethernet network: with a single cable the equipment can be supplied and can transfer data, reducing infrastructure costs.