CCA 1040

CCA 1040 is a four-armed turnstile developed for use in public transportation systems as either a traditional mechanical turnstile or as part of a ticketing system (when coupled to a validator). It is efficient, durable and cost-effective. In addition, it meets all applicable safety, quality and reliability requirements.

Total revenue retention

• The total absence of backlash between the arm and the shaft prevents passengers from passing through the turnstile without paying, making revenue loss virtually impossible.

Fraud protection

• A five-digit shielded turnstile counter prevents access to the mechanism that registers the number of passengers, ensuring precise counting. Any person passing through the turnstile will be counted, regardless of the direction in which the turnstile is rotated (bidirectional).

Extended product life

• The use of two automotive bearings ensures smooth turnstile movements and reduces mechanism wear-and-tear.

Excellent performance with very low maintenance

• The optical sensors used for passage control have no wear, extending equipment useful life. A unique electromagnetic locking system drastically reduces the need for maintenance.

Easy maintenance

• The coupling system found inside the cabinet makes maintenance easy – the turnstile does not have to be removed for servicing.

Guaranteed durability

• A sturdy steel structure (monoblock structure) supports all turnstiles parts and increases rigidity for use in almost any road conditions.

Easy integration with electronic ticketing systems

• The microprocessor controller board was developed to function with validators produced by a variety of manufacturers.

Anti-breakdown system

• An optional external locking system, located at the base of the turnstile, allows the equipment to be mechanically operated in case of electronic breakdown, facilitating handling in emergency situations.