Turnstiles for ticketing systems

Digicon turnstiles have been specially developed to operate in conjunction with electronic ticketing systems. In a bus system, the turnstiles are traditionally used to prevent revenue evasion. The models can be conveniently used in various applications on buses and / or in passenger stations.

The function of the turnstiles is to provide a barrier to the passage of passengers who do not have credit to be deducted by the validator.

There are four arms turnstiles, commonly used on passenger buses. There are also three arms turnstiles used in minibuses and blocks, suitable for use in fixed stations, which can also serve to delimit the entry corridors

The turnstiles can be supplied in various command versions:

• Commanded clockwise or counterclockwise, free reverse;
• Commanded clockwise or counterclockwise, locked in reverse;
• Controlled in both directions.


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